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10 Tips for Designing Wedding Décor That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

The Diary Of A Wedding Planner

Wedding décor is one of the most important ‘on the day’ elements of a wedding

celebration, as it sets the tone and vibe for the entire event. From the ceremony to

the reception to the late night dancing, each aspect of the décor will contribute to the

overall experience of the wedding. Creating a memorable wedding day décor that

reflects your personal taste can seem a bit of an endless to-do task, but with a little

bit of creativity and inspiration, it’s entirely possible to create a breath-taking

wedding that you and your guests will never forget.

In today’s blog we’ll explore some tips and ideas to help you design a wedding that is

beautiful and unforgettable whilst exploring different budgets. Whether you’re

looking for a classic and elegant look or a unique and unconventional style, I’ve got

you covered.

So let’s dive in and discover the secrets to creating wedding décor that will leave a

lasting impression on your guests.

There’s lots of amazing touches that can be added to your wedding venue that will

make the space personal, regardless of whether it comes as a blank canvas or already

comes with some decoration included.

A top tip for those who are reading this feeling like they don’t have time to DIY… ASK THE VENUE!!!

Most venues have a styling package available for you to upgrade too, saving you time

and money on paying suppliers to set up or transport your props. Does is impact your originality?

In my opinion no, as its still your choice of colour scheme, choice of props and you can still add your personal touches with the venue doing the main bits!

From rustic table centrepieces to cosy, lounge areas, bunting to vintage post box’s,

lanterns and neon signs, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is pick between all of

these incredible wedding decoration ideas!

Light-up letters

Light up letters are still a hugely popular choice for weddings, but you can also get wooden or

acrylic ones. They can come in giant and mini versions too, have a variety of coloured lights

in them. You can choose to have the classic word ‘love’ or display your initials. They always

create a focal point and make great photo opportunities. Be sure to ask your venue if you

need to connect to their electricity source! A budget friendly idea is making these yourself,

you can buy pre-cut letters from craft stores and decorate to your taste! Rough cost £8 each.


Balloon installations are an amazing way to bring a simple space to life. You can also

incorporate balloons into centrepieces, arches or top table decorations or just have

two huge balloons near to the top table with Mr and Mrs, Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs.

This year the boho-chic look isn’t going away anytime soon, to style this trend

incorporate reeds and pampas into your balloon wall installations. The demand for

neutral-palette balloon garlands and walls will also be at an all time high through to

2024. Maybe you know a balloon artist or there are plenty of kits to have a go

yourself! Amazon have kits from £20.

Sweet Tables

Your dessert can look beautiful and double up as decor too. Tables laden with sweets,

cake pops, macarons, cupcakes, doughnuts, fruit skewers, brownies and more are

visually exciting and double up on practicality providing dessert for your guests too.

You can decorate your dessert area with unique cake stands, plates and dishes,

garlands, confetti or keep it simple with pots of flowers and herbs. However you

decorate your dessert table it’ll create a beautiful focal point for any space.

You can purchase these in bulk yourself or maybe you are a star baker!

Photo Wall

Bring some history – with a photo wall. Pop lots of photos of happy moments as a

couple and time spent with closest friends and family onto a wall to show the

different moments through time that you’ve spent together. Guests love looking at

pictures and reminiscing, and also trying to see if they can spot themselves. Or

perhaps create a display of those who are missing your day but are close to your

heart. You can jazz up a wall easily by stringing your favourite couple photos across

it. It’s an instant and easy bit of decor, all you need is some polaroid pictures, twine

and mini pegs, all of which you can get from a craft store.

Table Plans

I can’t even begin to cover the huge variety of different table plan ideas our there.

You only need to search #tableplan on Instagram or do a Pinterest search to find a

whole host of ideas ranging from simple cards to elaborate, floral displays.

I’m obsessed with acrylic for timeless seating charts (our director Emma did a DIY plan for her wedding), but your table plan should really be influenced by your theme, table names and other stationery. Depending on the catering choice you have made may have an impact on the way you would like tables

to be set out, for example with a buffet style dinner you may want your guests to choose where they’d like to sit, or for a formal dinner you may like certain family members sat with you, or away from you…

Floral Hoops

These can be hung from the tipi ceiling, placed near your cake or used as part of your

bridesmaids look instead of bouquets. They bring the outdoors in, without taking up

precious space on any of your tables. Floral hoops are also easy to DIY and budget friendly!

Flower Walls

Similar to balloon arches and walls, these make a great backdrop for photographs

and all important selfies. You don’t need to stick with florals, from greenery, wooden

backdrops and shimmer walls there’s a backdrop and photo opportunity now for

every theme. Haybales Barn also has a flower wall available to hire.

Create a Cosy Area

Having a cosy seating area that your guests can use to ‘kick-back’ in and catch up with each

other is becoming more and more popular for weddings. Couples are really thinking about

the whole guest experience and ensuring there’s something for everyone. Younger or older

guests who want a few minutes to escape the business and loudness of the wedding reception

will appreciate this area, as will any parents with children you’ve invited. A cosy area can be

incorporated in or outdoors, you can bring in lots of wonderful colours and textures to keep

with your theme, perhaps leave a bowl of snacks and include the WIFI password for any

teenagers looking to check in on TikTok in between key moments of your wedding.

Activities/ Entertainment - Things to do

Keeping your guests entertained is a responsibility most couples feel, although it is

your special day I have got a few ideas to keep you covered:

Garden games… Giant Jenga, Hook a Duck, Tin Alley, Giant Space Hoppers and

more! Let those competitive family members, fun friends and crazy kids have a


Although is not strictly décor speaking but bands, magic shows and entertainers go

down a treat, you can get personal and ask them to provide a service more tailored to

you and they are a way to get everyone involved breaking the ice between guests that

don’t know each other!

Photobooths… a great keep sake for you, a fun activity for your guests! There are

photobooths you can hire out or get creative and make your own with disposable


Tableware and Glasses

You don’t have to stick with plain colours and clear glasses. Glasses in mismatched

tones, instantly brighten up a table and work well with bright floral centrepieces too.

If you’re having a very boho, relaxed feel to your wedding, having coloured tableware

or glasses breathe a breath of fresh air into your decor and instantly brightens up

your table and the whole room. Match them to your overall colour theme or go bold

and different – It’s your choice. Candles are a go to for table décor, ensure you ask

the venue about the fire risks and whether the require you to spray your table cloths

with fire retardant spray!

Whether you are marrying outdoors in the spring or you are planning on

having a cosy set of nuptials in the autumn, wedding decoration

possibilities are endless. Just remember to choose decorations that

compliment one another, fit your overall theme and are pieces that you

love individually and together.

And most of all, have fun! This is the biggest party you’ll ever throw – I

give you full permission to just go for it....!

Haybales Barn x

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